Monday, 5 December 2011

To Flip or Not to Flip

I have been reading a lot about flipping high school classes. I have read that it is the next "thing" in educational technology: papyrus to flipped classroom

I would love to see this in action so I invite you to use my assignment on the light reaction of photosynthesis as a means for students to demonstrate their understanding. Here are the steps:

1. Create a webcast that teaches the light reaction. Use Screenr ( to make your webcast. Create a free account, buy a microphone and then use whatever website or presentation you need - where you can start and stop - to effectively teach that one topic. Must be 5 minutes or less.

2. Assign the webcast for homework along with about two reflective questions and a diagram. I think that the whole "homework" experience will be less than 10 minutes (unless the student chooses to rewind).

3. As students walk into class they will find table groupings and will sit in groups of 4-5. On each table will be the following handout. As a group they will choose which assignment they want to complete or they can move to other tables and sit with like minded individuals. You decide.

4. If students missed the homework, before they sit down they will pick up the homework assignment and watch the 5 minute lesson either on a screen, SMART board, or personal device.

5. Students begin the work.

6. You, the teacher, will facilitate the work. You will get to every group and have conversations with every student in an effort to uncover misunderstandings.

7. Depending on the time you have in your class, students will demonstrate their understanding to their classmates.

8. You will then come back to this post and comment on your successes or failures with the intent of determining whether we should flip or not.

Thanks for trying!!

Photosynthesis flip assign1